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Add CarStory Market Reports to Your Site (for free)

Results show the impact of CarStory Market Reports across (6) Checkered Flag store websites 60 days prior to 60 days after integration.

  • Our dynamic SRP button drives more clicks to your VDP
  • Our direct embed on VDP keeps consumers on your VDP
  • Hard coded through DealerOn, Dealer.com, and other dealer provider partners
  • Big Data Analytics to tell the best story on price, condition, features – all based on your local market
  • Our Market Reports are mobile friendly and offer smart alternatives from your lot
  • Why are CarStory Market Reports Free? We want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our dealer partners and help build confidence in our brand.

Success Story

Checkered Flag Auto Group sees double-digit lead conversion after deploying CarStory Market Reports.

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Inline Market Report

Learn how you can give your customers a complete analysis on pricing, condition and features.

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Patent Awarded

New patent award to CarStory for pricing and features analysis found in Market Reports.

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